Roots Kid’s Ministry Servant Info

Welcome to the Roots Kids Ministry! We have such amazing kids at Shawnee UMC and we are so glad you are on board to serve this year! For Roots  our Preschoolers use the Orange First Look curriculum, where they learn these basic truths: God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Our School-agers use the Orange 252 Basics curriculum, where they learn these basic truths: I need to make the wise choice. I can trust God no matter what. I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Here is some basic information about what it means to serve on BLAST. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you for serving our kids!

Signing Up to Serve:

For Roots Kid’s Ministry  we have 4 classes during the 11:00 service: PreK, K/1, 2/3 and 4/5.

We are still working hard to find servants to fill a few more spots. Be prayerful about anyone that you think would be a good asset to our teams!

Check the calendar below for when you are serving or the times that are available. Please sign up for the dates you can serve in your age group- we ask that your team coordinates to cover each month- that means signing up around once a month. Sign up as far in advance as you can so we can ensure coverage. Part of our success is building relationships with the kids and being consistent. Fill out the form below to sign up to serve!

We understand that things come up in life- if you are unable to serve on the date you sign up for please contact another member of your team to help cover. If you are not able to find coverage then call/text/email Lisa so she can call one of our subs (or fill in as needed).

Lisa Morales | | 614-746-9465

Holly Hefner | 419-230-2105

*Please check with Lisa or Holly to make sure the Roots team has your updated phone numbers/email addresses so they may be shared with your team.*


Before You Serve:

Lisa will email the curriculum for the week by Monday/Tuesday before you serve. If you have NOT received it by Wednesday morning please contact Lisa or Holly. If you would like it prior to that please let Lisa know. We generally have it printed out the month prior so hard copies will be at the church.

Please review the curriculum and call/text/email Lisa with any questions. I read each curriculum the month before so I am familiar with what is going on.

Pray for the kids you will be serving that week.

On Your Sunday To Serve:

Review the curriculum prior to arriving. There will be a copy there for you to use.

The activity pages and materials will be in the classrooms and ready to go. Occasionally we will omit an activity due to time/budget/etc.

Please show up 10-15 minutes early, as we usually have some early arrivers.

**There are a few classroom/class changes this year: K1 (Kindergarten-1st grade) will be in the first room on the right upstairs. 23 (2nd-3rd grade) will be in the second room on the right upstairs. 45 (4th-5th grade) will be in the first room on the left upstairs. Preschool (3-5 year olds that are potty trained) will be downstairs in Miss Charlotte’s classroom.**

• Start with the “Plug In” ideas at 11:00.

(The Preschool class will follow their curriculum and watch the movie in their classroom. Preschool will NOT do the “Make It True” section.)

• At 11:15 be down in the sanctuary to watch the Bible Story on the big screen. Lisa will lead this with a short introduction, we will watch the story (usually about 10 minutes long), and Lisa will close us with a prayer. Please sit with your groups. We generally try to keep in the first 3-4 rows. When we are finished, line up and head back to your classrooms.

• Do the remainder of the activities that time allows. If not all of the activities are completed that is fine! Our goal is to provide you with more than enough to fill the hour!

• When parents start arriving please pass out the Parent Cue & God Time papers to each kid. Please stay until all children are picked up by their guardian. They will all have sticker name tags with a matching ID to their guardian.

• Please do a general clean up and put all materials back into the tan tubs. We will pick up the tubs to refill them for next week.

• Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Again, thank you for serving with BLAST! We love our kids and want them to know how much Jesus loves them. Thanks for being a part of our mission!