New Here?


  • What is it like? Well, that depends on when you’re here! Our worship service at 11AM Sunday on the Shawnee Campus is very casual and relaxed. We have a band (a really great band!) that plays praise and worship music (these are the songs that you can sing along with—we put the words up on two big screens at the front of the room for you) at the beginning of the service and a number of special music numbers during the service. (Special Music are the songs that we don’t sing along with we just enjoy them as they enhance our worship experience.) We read a few scriptures from the Bible (these are up on the screens and in the bulletin, too so you can follow along.) We collect an offering and after the offering we have a prayer time. (One of the pastors will pray out loud up front and everyone else prays silently in their seats.) Towards the end of the service one of the pastors will give a sermon. The whole service lasts about an hour.If you come at 9AM Sunday on the Shawnee Campus or 10:30AM Sunday on the Bath Campus, you’ll find a more traditional service with organ music (at the Shawnee Campus), acoustic guitar (at the Bath Campus), hymns, liturgy and some of the other traditional Christian rituals. Our traditional services are rich and fulfilling and frequently more comfortable for people who are used to a traditional type service.
  • What Do I wear? You can dress however you feel most comfortable! Sunday morning at 9AM and 10:30AM have the biggest mix of dress styles. Everything from business suits to jeans can be seen. Sunday Morning at 11AM is similar to 9AM in that you will see a wide range of styles but, 11AM tends to be more casual overall.
  • What are the service times? The 9AM Sunday worship service at the Shawnee Campus is our most traditional service. We meet in the Sanctuary where we sit in pews and sing hymns from the hymnal. Organ and choral music are featured during this worship service. Tiny Stars nursery is available for infants & toddlers during this service.

    The Sunday at 10:30 AM worship service at the Bath Campus is our newest worship service! Led by Bath Campus Site Pastor, Charlotte Hefner, the service is a traditional service. During the 10:30 worship service, Tiny Stars Nursery is available for infants & toddlers and our PreK through 4th graders are welcome to attend BLAST. Kids in fifth grade & older are expected to worship with their parents in the service.

    The Sunday at 11AM worship service at the Shawnee Campus is a casual, contemporary service that meets in the Centrum. During the 11:00 worship service, Tiny Stars Nursery & Little Explorers is open for infants & toddlers; BLAST is open for pre-K through 4th grade, and Edge for 5th & 6th graders. Seventh grade and older students are expected to worship in the services with their parents.

  • Will I be asked to give money? We do collect an offering (when you attend for the first time, please don’t put any money in the offering basket! In fact, we will give you a gift instead!)
  • What do my kids do? We want your kids to have a great experience while you are in the worship service! At both the Shawnee and Bath campuses, your infants and toddlers will be cared for in our Tiny Stars Nursery. Kids who are ages 3-5th grade will go to B.L.A.S.T. These kids should be checked into their classes each week. More Info about our Kid’s Ministry can be found here. Middle School (grades 6-8) will have praise and worship in the centrum and then go to our Solid Rock Cafe for a time of worship with our Student Ministries Director, Charlie.  High School (grades 9-12) stay in the service with their parents (many of them serve in the Kids Ministry, too!).
  • How do I get to your church?

Shawnee CommUMC is located on the northwest corner of Shawnee and Zurmehly Roads. The Dairy Queen is catty-corner from the church. Our address is 2600 Zurmehly Road •  Lima, Ohio 45806 Click here for a Shawnee Campus map.

Bath CommUMC is located at 2760 E. Bluelick Road. From I-75, turn west and you’ll find the church on the left side of the road. Click here for a Bath Campus Map.